Post Arrival


Your first work is to meet the officials at the International Office (IO). They keep a photocopy of your passport, I-20 student copy, visa details etc. When you leave the US (temporarily or permanently) you have to report IO and have your I-20 signed by the official at. Keep the contact numbers of ISA office bearers; you will always need their advice.

Prepare a decent resume and make few copies. First consult your advisor and explore the prospects of a teaching or research assistantship with all the departments. Begin submitting your resume to various offices and departments for on campus job. Check the website of Career Services Website for potential on campus jobs. Be on the lookout for other new students to team up for sharing apartments. Secure a decent apartment.

Once you move into your apartment contact the phone company such as Century Tel or Grande for local phone connection. It is up to you to decide your long distance carrier for making long distance and international calls. You may tell the operator the name of long distance phone company you want, at the time of applying for local phone. However, it is very much advisable to ask your seniors which phone company is best suitable and how to sign up for long distance savings plan.

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